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We define ourselves as humanists because our moral and ethical frameworks come from thinking things through, rather than any religious belief.

We at Humanist Aid are committed to trying to live a good life, where we treat other people well and make a positive impact with our lives. We are appalled by the inequalities in health and wealth around the world, where for example some people are able to afford new designer clothes every week, while others die in childhood from preventable diseases like diarrhoea. We aim to do our bit to help to lessen these inequalities.

Our motivation stems from an understanding that this way of living one’s life is likely to maximise happiness. We think that the biggest difference between humans and other animals is our capacity for empathy combined with rational thought. Therefore the way of behaving which is fundamentally human is to act with compassion and to be aware of the consequences of our actions. This applies to our actions as individuals, and as members of the various groups we are part of: our local community, our nation, and general human society.

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Some Famous Humanists

Stephen Fry

Margaret Atwood

Fred Hollows

Eva Cox

Ronnie Barker

Gloria Steinem

George Takei

Joyce Carol Oates

Peter Singer

Sandi Toksvig

Phillip Adams

Bill Hayden

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